The Committee

The Excellence in Education Fund and Committee is a three-way partnership between the Excellence in Education Committee, the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation (WMVCF) and the C-1 School District of Custer County, with a goal of identifying and securing additional funding to support unfunded educational programs in  Custer County Schools.  Existing programs have enhanced the lives of students, teachers and volunteers bringing the school and community closer and more viable.


The Excellence in Education Committee, and corresponding designated fund, has been operating since 2008 and is administered by WMVCF which acts as a sponsoring 501 (c)-3 organization. This collaborative effort has been formed for the express purpose of addressing educational needs of our children that fall outside the resources provided by the public school system. The Committee members work to build local matching funds which are critical to securing grants from many foundations beyond our community. The Committee would also like to accumulate some funds to bridge immediate needs that may occur from time to time at the school. We thank all of our local supporters for your generosity in supporting our efforts.

Latest Projects